So you want to add some sound files to this collection? We have a form for you!

Upload your sound file by dragging its icon to the window that opens when clicking Upload Sound button.

You can upload MP3 files less than 20Mb in size. Or you can simply enter the URL for any externally hosted MP3 audio file a SoundCloud track.

Must be a fully formed URL (including http:// or https://) to an MP3 file or SoundCloud track

An interesting title goes a long way; it's the headline.

Check all that apply.


Descriptive tags, separate multiple ones with commas

Enter a descriptive caption to include with the audio.

Take credit for sharing this audio by entering your name, twitter handle, secret agent name, or remain "Anonymous".

Enter a name of a person, web site, etc to give credit for the audio.

If found online, indicate the license attached to it. If this is an original audio, then select a license to attach to it.